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Morningside Sports Pre-Pay 2024

You will choose your pre-order package(s) below. 

MSA Portrait Day is Tuesday, March 12th.  Pre-order individual portraits and team portraits by choosing the package you would like below.  ALL ORDERS MUST BE PRE-ORDER, no proofs or orders will be taken after the session and only individuals registered will be photographed.  You will fill out student info and team info at the end of your order. For organizational reasons and system ordering restrictions, you can only place one order per team at a time. If ordering for multiple students or one student in multiple sports, please place separate orders (this does not cost more to do so, if you are shipping your orders, simply contact us after purchasing and we will refund any duplicate shipping fees you are charged in those cases) . You may also order via phone at 772-283-6807 (M-F 10am-5pm)


Participating Sports will include:

9:00 AM Varsity Volleyball – Head Coach Melissa Piazza
9:15 AM Varsity Golf - Head Coach John Crawford
9:30 AM MS Volleyball – Head Coach Alyssa Alfonsi
9:45 PM MS JV Volleyball – Head Coach Rene Alfonsi
10:00 AM JV Volleyball – Head Coach Claudia Castenedia
10:15 AM Varsity Boys Volleyball - Head Coach Claudia Casteneda
10:30 AM MS JV Basketball – Head Coach Christopher Gamache 
10:45 AM MS CO-ed Soccer - Head Coach Dwayne Harrison
11:00 AM MS Boys Basketball – Head Coach Dwayne Harrison
11:15 AM MS Girls Basketball – Head Coach Lauren Montero
11:30 AM JV Boys Basketball - Head Coach Tyler Holsen
11:45 AM Varsity Girls Basketball – Head Coach Joseph Banks
12:00 PM Varsity Boys Basketball – Head Coach John Montero
12:15 PM MS Flag Football Girls - Head Coach Bill Segur
12:30 PM MS Flag Football Boys – Head Coach Bill Segur
12:45 PM Varsity Cheer – Head Coach Anna Cerrone
1:00 PM Varsity Flag Football - Head Coach Dwayne Harrison
1:15 PM Varsity Softball – Head Coach Judy Enyart

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