Still time to order your Fall 2023 or Spring 2024 portraits! 

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Place your order for your Kidcature here, noting the details for us to design your Kidcature and telling us who should be in it! The design fee for a custom one subject Kidcature is $45. This includes the design, and one round of edits/changes if needed. This does not include product or files-but simply the design fee to create the artwork for you to be able to then add products with your Kidcature image on it. 

You'll only want to order ONE Kidcature design per order, and then add the products (minimum order requires at least one product purchased to put your Kidcature on, so please add at least one product to your cart after adding your Kidcature) to your cart that you want that Kidcature to be featured on and checkout. If you want a 2nd Kidcature of another subject, you'll want to do that in a completely different order so we know what products go with what Kidcature. 

After you add your Kidcature to the shopping cart, you should be directed automatically to add the products you want to the cart next. If not, click here to start adding your products after you add the Kidcature to the cart. 

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How many subjects will be in this Kidcature design?

You are choosing how many children will appear in this one Kidcature Design.

Name(s) of students & school they attend

Please indicate Student Name and School (ie, John Smith, Pinewood Elementary) if these are students we have photographed at some point

Have we photographed everyone in this Kidcature?

  • Yes, you have photographed my student(s) before
  • No, I'll need to send you an image of one subject +$15
  • No, I'll need to send you an image of two subjects +$15
  • No, I'll need to send you an image of three subjects +$15
  • No, I'll need to send you an image of four subjects +$15
If we have photographed everyone, there is no additional upload fee since we have the best quality images on file. If one of the subjects has NOT ever been photographed by us, you'll need to email us at with your order number after the purchase with a high quality photo.

Please give us an information you'd like us to know to create your Kidcature? (#24hr#)

Please tell us what you would like your Kidcature to be doing and what you'd like to see them wearing. You may also suggest a setting/scene as well as additional details although if the setting is too complex or the amount of details you believe are above average, please choose "SPECIAL DETAILS" in the next option to compensate the artist for those extra details. If your Kidcature can not be done to request--we will contact you.

Do you believe the scene or details are extreme and specific and require extra artist time?

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